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"keep your head to the sky! - soulful gospel mix"


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we don’t like cold weather; but this year we had an great winter, burrowing into the archives of the divine chord gospel show @ a multitude of rare tunes to keep our hearts warm and our soul satisfied.

gospel - the word that sounds to us like the majestic name of a land or a continent, such as africa or the antilles. a place that has a rich mine of beautiful melodies, heavy rhythms and unique expressive sentiments. tunes crafted in local churches by congregations from local towns, and that touch the very soul. it's an area that has been untapped for so long outside of the community, so it’s a musical genre well worth the exploration!

so we are delighted to invite the mighty greg belson to soul bonanza, who hosts the divine chord gospel show now into it's third year. a monthly broadcast with over 24 shows archived for you to check at anytime....that's a great accomplishment!

hey tropical music lovers, why don’t you try the mighty greg’s divine chord gospel show to warm your souls! he is currently on tour, dj'ing aound europe. check the information and don't miss out!
check out his latest mix - a super soulful gospel selection. this mix gives you musical goose bumps!
ok, the train is a'comin'. you don't need no baggage.....just climb on board!

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