philippe noël's selection vol.3
"space soca"


listen to this!


we’ve got soca! it’s a part of calypso and a part of soul. hotter than hot! soca, it’s soul calypso.
my man philippe noël is back again with a bunch of the caribbean treasures - killer soca, alltime classic tropical funk, deep afro jazz with steel drum, roots of rapso with heavy lyrics and also trippy steppers out of a small studio in the jamaican community in ontario.

ride on the uplifting sounds of the steelpan, let’s soar up beyond the stratosphere…
space soca, that’s more like it. this selection takes you for a great mind trip.
wake up your spirit sister, wake up your spirit brother. funky calypso will turn you on!
please enjoy!

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01. earl rodney - peace pipe
02. j. brown & m. smith - hold it right there
03. boogsie - punk party
04. embryo - wajang woman
05. ed watson - roforofo fight
06. lord shorty - final page
07. wild fire - the dealer
08. earl rodney - midnight man
09. carol sam & sam bo - depend on yourself
10. dem naked feet - prodigal son
11. hot, cool, spice - funky calypso
12. count wally - hot pants road
13. embryo - soca it's soul calypso
14. boogsie - boogsie kaiso
15. shadow - evolution pt. 1


  phil has been very prolific as a tropical music mix producer on the net. keep up with him and don’t miss any. have you already enjoyed his congo mix for 716 music a while ago? this one is so good!
also check his latest attempt with his buddy clement jehan aka la mano peluda - canicule tropicale radioshow, a delightful freestyle tropical music showcase with great guests!

introducing… the canicule tropicale radioshow!    canicule tropicale radioshow… vol.2!    canicule tropicale radioshow… vol.3! 


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