le monde à change: a tribute to mali 1970 - 1991


responding to vikram sohonie’s call, six tropical music djs from the various cities around the globe brought their favorite malian records and played them in respect for malian culture, hoping for peace there.


  "Given the recent violent upheaval and ongoing strife in Mali, those of us deeply entranced by Malian culture, and, in particular, the immense hypnotic beauty of Malian music, have put together a selection of songs encompassing the diverse rhythmic grandeur from across the country. This is a concerted global effort to showcase the most vital cornerstone of Malian culture in an attempt to preserve its reputation in the face of its current, grim reality. We hope our highlights of Mali's rich history of musical innovation will serve as a starting point for reclaiming an image tainted by unnecessary conflict. May peace and music return to Mali soon."

- vik sohonie


philippe noël (canicuale tropicale, montreal)
adam isbell (racubah, london)
grégoire de villanova (oriki, paris)
rickard masip (tropical treats, stockholm)
hide morimoto (soul bonanza, tokyo)
vik sohonie (ostinato, east indies)

artwork by
hide morimoto & vik sohonie

original photo:
joe penney, reuters


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