a portrait of music in cabo verde


this sleeve makes us grin ;)
pedrinho - a cape verdean composer/singer/keyboard player posed with famous farfisa vip 600 in a record shop, possibly somewhere in cabo verde in the late 70s or early 80s.
with queen' second album, loads of nice cape veardean lps, 45s and tapes in the crates and on the wall!
mouse over the image for the detail.
you can recognize west indian band les milords lp behind the microphone arm. and look to the upper left, behind the "e" of pedrinho, it's "cuuuuuumbias y gaitas vol.2"!

the lp contains some nice tunes including a cover of black affairs. "capataz de moquero" is one of our favorites.

also check paulo supefly's cabo verde mix.
"sometimes i dream i could be in this record store..." paulo said.
we deeply agree.


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