greg de villanova's selection
"super afro pop & heavy soukous vol.1"


listen to this!


around this time of last year, we found ourselves being very hungry for soukous, makossa and stuffs like that ..... heavy four-on-the-floor-kicks and skittering hi-hats, flowing and dazzling guitar ensembles, billowy basslines ... phat horns are preferable! we had a serious desire to soak in that euphoric liquid groove.

fortunately enough we have a friend to turn to at a time like this. we know the right person to make the selection for our dry throats. greg de villanova is the man - the founder of oriki music and tremendous record digger traveling in africa and the tropical lands to meet buried gems all the time.

greg easily understood what we wanted, and before long he made a great selection with serious soukous and unique afro pop ( in greg's words, afro pop is, in a sense, "real african music" ), widely from congo, cameroon, ivory coast, sierra leone and benin... yep! this is it!
the perfect selection for the hot sunny day! and of course for the burning dancefloor!! hope you love it just as we do!

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01. lokassa ya m'bongo - massaba
02. chantal premot - m'bizele
03. kiland & orchestre mabatalai - reviens che'rie ne'ne'
04. les nidrou - issa
05. afro national - lovie dovie
06. adjaho aoffi - akue yehue
07. atangana pascal - ye mot ai kare mot

photos by greg de villanova

if you interested in tropical music, you should definitely visit greg de villanova's mix archive. you will see so many, many great music are still buried and lost in history. these are just the tip of the iceberg! also check the portrait of greg on our friend faud's aesthetic blog les mains noires. great music with the beautiful images and the essential words there. and of course don't forget greg's west indies groove mix on soul bonanza!


greg's mixes on soundcloud

greg's portrait on les mains noires

super soul stew

west indies groove

orki music samplers
many thanks to faud from les mains noires for providing the super nice photos, and our thanks go as well to rie irie! merci a million amigos!


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