dj papito's selection "out of hell"


listen to this!


  hey what’s this!?!!

a brand new sequel of van dyke parks’ discover america?
or a soundtrack for a new coen brothers film set in the caribbean islands???

it's a new twist of dj papito’s great musical voyage! this time he mixed tropical rarities and obscure gems with the art of storytelling - you can enjoy it just like you are reading a novel or seeing a movie ... can't you imagine steve buscemi and john turturro are dancing wildly to melcochita's crazy tune!?

this is a tropical daydream - enjoy it the way you like!

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01. fats green orch. - calypsorama (out of trinidad)
02. harry witthaker - creole jump up (guyana)
03. lord beginner - fed-a-ray
04. chano - feast dance
05. mansulu & his haitians (haiti)
06. melcochita - agua pa ti (peru)
07. ramon ropain - jerk (colombia)
08. orquesta riverside - otra descarga(cuba)
09. louie ramirez - chin chon chow (u.s.a.)
10. minoru muraoka - bamboo (japan)
11. cumbia juvenil de soledad - cumbia de la risa (colombia)
12. los tiburones - el indio fiestero (colombia)
13. banda 20 de julio de repelon - ahi…como se hace(colombia)
14. los gaiteros de san jacinto - la escoba (colombia)
15. som tres - tanga (brazil)
16. vox populi - domingo (brazil)
17. lucifer - purgatory (mexico)
18. piel de pueblo - jugando a las palabras (argentina)
19. rockal y la cria - los duenos de la tierra (argentina)
20. lee perry - doctor on the go (jamaica)
21. crystalaugur - cosmic journey (singapore)


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