a night at baobab vol.1



if you are a true music lover and when you come to tokyo, call us. we'll bring you to the pleasant place - world kitchen baobab, kichijoji tokyo, 20 minutes or so by train from shinjuku or shibuya.
you can find delicious ethnic dishes (fresh coriander salad, spicy jamaican jerk- chicken and senegalese soul food yassa poulet are our favorites!), bottles with flavor (aguardiente or beer singha?), and of course nice music and friendly people there!


the owner of this cozy space - hermano yosuke baobab - is the energetic and broad-minded man with the huge love for the music around the globe. great guy!
a few months ago, he visited panama and colombia, and came back with many dusty 45s and lps in his backpack. enjoy some nice photos he took during the trip - it must give you a sort of wanderlust.
and yosuke's next stop - metro manila!?!!


the other night, we had the pleasure of joining the lovely cumbia session by eri konishi and peach iwasaki (they are the members of japanese latin band copa salvo), ekd and their buddies.
yeah we had lots of fun!


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