kadri gwadloup

in his tropical mix for us, adrian leach spun the amazing record by mme dupuits - it's the sound called quadrille (kadri or kadwi'y in creole) from guadeloupe.

raymond philogene shot reynoir casimir dit n├ęgoce and the seasoned musicians playing the quadrille with a good atmosphere - superb video!
tropical, tropical!!

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keep on diggin' and play it loud!

we're back!
as you know, we are facing unprecedented difficulties after devastating earthquake and tsunami.
we received a lot of encouraging message from friends all over the world. we appreciate it.
still good music gives us some energy to confront those difficulties and step forward.
so we need music.

please keep on diggin' amigos. please play it loud in your area.
and we play it loud!


our new mix @ dj papito's good taste radio show

dj papito's good taste radio show is back!
and you can listen to our new tropical mix "lift ev'ry voice and dance vol.2" there now.
big thanks to dj papito for giving us the opportunity to share these great music, we put some amazing records we got from him in this mix!
hope you enjoy !!!

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