dj papito presents
"el recolector: panama golden nuggets!"


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last year (2010), papito headed to panama-city and port-of-spain, with the words - "everybody says that panama and trinidad are completely dried up and nothing is left. maybe so or maybe not. ok, let's see what will be happened there."
sometime after that short diggin' trip, he made a mix out of the dusty harvest and posted it on facebook just for his friends.
it was an another masterpiece from the maestro. it proved that panama was the perennial spring of lovely tropical groove. it swung us - really!
so we decided to take it from him and open it to the music lovers all over the world.

mambo, jump-up jazzy calypso, pachanga and cumbia.... all in the unique and fantastic panamanian style.
it's the mix makes you happy. enjoy!

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