DJ XOGN – BENIN : Bailando Rythmo Afro-Latin

wondrous musical ride by DJ Xogn (aka Melody Nelson).

“Let’s have a ride at the back of a scooter through Benin.
Take a walk in the streets of Cotonou and Parakou, Ouidah and Porto Novo.
Swinging to afro-latin rhythms with Poly Rythmo, Gnonnas Pedro, Black Santiago…
Vodoun spirit…fetish dance…no limit for this flourish experience!”
– DJ Xogn (aka Melody Nelson)

Tristan Cordier aka DJ Xogn, a Belgian DJ/party organizer/record dealer (Melody Nelson on eBay), once spent 10 years in Dakar, Senegal. He run a music store, organized a monthly party and had radio shows there. now back in Belgium, Tristan still travels for record digging in West African countries, joins and enjoys many radio shows and African or Tropical music parties all over the world.
check his fantastic shows on Soundcloud.

(Nov. 2020)