PLAINSTONE – Maladie d’Amour(Rumba Congolaise)

Rumba Congolese reached Japan in the late 70s, not through Western music journalism but directly from Africa. A Japanese cultural anthropologist brought some Congolese records from Nairobi and they made a big impact on Japanese music critics at that time. So Zaiko Langa Langa or Papa Wemba et Viva La Musica became leading artists in the “world music” scene here and a huge number of Rumba Congolese records flew into Tokyo in the 80s and the 90s.
DJ Plainstone (One Box Record Fair / Rumba Rock!) has been digging African records in Europe and here in Japan for more than 20 years.
Enjoy his fantastic Rumba Congolese mix!

01. Orch. Moja One Band – Maria Pt. 1
02. Sakade Band – Beya Moke No. 1
03. Nyboma et Les Kamale dynamiques du Zaire – Les Generations Pt. 1
04. Carlito et Debaba – Mille Baisers
05. Yoka Lokito – Regine
06. Le Grand Teke-Teke Ambah – Avoula Kala
07. Bopol & Syran Mbenza – Reviens Moussa
08. Modogo Gian Franco Ferre & L’Orch. Viva La Musica – Oyo Mbokate
09. Bopol et Orch. Mode Succes – Le Lycee
10. Bopol Mansiamina – Manuela Pt. 1

(Aug. 2019)